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—202 - Bring It On, Again

C-Town & Down: 202 - Bring It On, Again

Huge changes on the horizon

I won’t tease you or try to be clever but we are mobilizing a huge change to C-Town & Down.
I think we should be announcing it tomorrow.
Thank you all for following us! We hope to bring you better content more frequently.

C-Town & Down is pleased to announce a new segment: “In The Van With Dan” We bring you exclusive acoustic music live from Dan’s van (SUV)

Our first video is American War covering Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me”

C-Town & Down Episode 106: The Revenge of The Sith

C-Town & Down Episode 106: The Revenge of The Sith

We’re back, and not quite better than ever, probably not even on par with where we were before we left. Nevertheless, we are back. This week we discuss the reasons for our untimely hiatus, we proudly announce the 1st Annual C-Town and Down March Madness Bracket Tournament, we look towards the 2012 NFL Draft, Cody rants incoherently about Cleveland Hockey and the god-awful Blue Jackets and we ask the question that is on everyone’s mind, “Where the hell did all Quiznos go?” This week we are proud to present new (amazing) music from (our buddies) The Sidekicks.

Episode 106: Revenge of The Sith in 3D

C-Town & Down “It’s a Good Day to Die Hard”

Episode 105: “It’s a Good Day to Die Hard”

Join us as we continue down the path of Cleveland-Area sports/music/beer podcast domination and this week we have a partner, Andy. Newlywed, handsome and capable Andy made it down to the basement to discuss what the Browns need to do to get back on track. We also, go in depth into the controversial topic of dolphin rape.

We have brand new music from Twilight Sad.

Also, we play a little something from American War to try and entice you to come out to the Dag House this Friday, the 14th.